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Aloe Vera Drinker
"Thank you for all your help with my mind and body! :-) Lots of love..."
MW, Chippenham

Forever Business Associate
"So happy to have met you this year... You have become a great friend."
LB, Swindon

Hip Improvement Update
"I had a "rough terrain" walk on the Moor with the dog this afternoon and (dare I say) I think the hip was more resilient than before and there were none of the twinges I might have expected. I'm only on the second bottle!"
MP, Cornwall

 Arthritic Hip
"I have arthritis in one hip and Gillian has encouraged me to try the Aloe Vera containing Glucosamine, which I have just started taking. I wonder if I shall be able to avoid having a replacement hip? Watch this space!"
MP, Cornwall

"My wife has Fibromyalgia which was not diagnosed for two years. Even then it took some time to find the right medication and she needed the help of a hypnotherapist to get her back to something like her old self. However, the "icing on the cake" was Gillian's recommenation for her to take a daily drink of Aloe Vera. Very soon there was a marked improvement in her general wellbeing, as well as feeling less tired and being considerably more energetic. We shall be eternally grateful for the recommendation and also appreciate Gillian's close interest and regular follow up calls."
MP, Cornwall

Reiki Relaxation
"Thank you for the Reiki session yesterday - I came home, had a huge drink of water and fell into a lovely sleep on the sofa - bliss."
JJ, Chippenham

Indian Head Massage
"Gillian is a fantastic holistic practitioner. When I first approached her for treatment I was unsure what was involved in an Indian Head Massage. I was suffering from a long term injury which had left me feeling in discomfort and occasional pain. Within six treatments, including some wonderful Reiki healing, I felt transformed, was pain free and had mobility that I had not experienced for a long time. I can thoroughly recommend Gillian."
HB, Chippenham

Foot Massage and Reiki
"Dear Gillian, thanks so much for a magical time... felt sooo relaxed and 'together'."
DJ, Warwickshire

Runner drinking Aloe Vera
"I take the magic aloe liquid every morning as you encouraged, and certainly I am feeling fitter and fitter as the days go by - I now run five miles a day, five times a week... I enjoy drinking it which is a good sign, as if I didn't fancy it, I wouldn't drink it!"
RM, Calne

Wedding Day Makeup
"Lovely to meet you, found the session really useful and enjoyable. My boyfriend noticed the difference and was impressed! He has seen the results of my previous attempts, when other people have 'made me up' and we both agreed that the results of your lesson were 100 times better. I am really pleased - thankyou. I am keen to carry on practising! So, I would like to make an order for most of the things we used as follows..."
LE, Chippenham

Reiki Treatment
"Just a quick note to say thank you for yesterday's Reiki session - it was absolutely wonderful."
JJ, Chippenham

Makeup Lesson
"I enjoyed a lovely time of unhurried knowledgeable advice about makeup in a friendly atmosphere and took away some good products that have lasted exceptionally well. A real treat."
JW, Devizes

Skincare and Makeup
"I recently had Skincare and Makeup Lessons with Gillian - she is informative about the products and very patient with a complete novice! I would recommend a session with Gillian as she has given me the confidence to wear makeup and apply it on my own.
I am also using the recommended Aloe Vera products for my skincare routine and can see an improvement already."
NB, Chippenham

Bad Back
"My husband 'did his back in' last week and used the Aloe Heat Lotion to massage it. It is brilliant and definitely works better than any other deep heat!"
NH, Chippenham

Bones and Liver Cancer
"Gillian, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy my Reiki treatment sessions and come away feeling deeply soothed and calm. I've already benefitted from the treatment this week and I'm feeling so full of energy."
JJ, Chippenham

Feeling Loved
"Thank you so much for the Indian Head Massage treatment. I don't know what it does or how it works! But for that time and the following couple of days, I felt loved. Thank you so much."
AE, Calne

Opportunity for Own Business
"I was introducted to 'Forever - The Aloe Vera Company' by Gillian over a year ago and she has consistenty supported me. I have found her knowledge and enthusiasm really inspiring. She points me in the right direction for information and trainings, whilst allowing me to run this as my own business. She is happy to advise on queries and has provided her valuable support and guidance thoughout."
RB, Swindon

Hormonal Imbalance and Menstruation
"Having benefitted from several Reflexology sessions with Gillian, I have found her to have a very calm and professional approach. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable therapist. I have hormonal problems and the impact in only a few treatments has been amazing - no longer am I experiencing such heavy or painful periods and I am feeling happier and much more balanced! Gillian uses a wonderful range of natural aloe vera products which leave my feet feeling soft, smooth and revitalised."
RB, Swindon

Business Opportunity
"If you are looking for an opportunity, then you couldn’t have better guidance than from Gillian: she is personable, supportive and will ensure you do what’s required to create your own business success."
SG, Calne

Painful Joints and Tiredness
"Thank you for supplying me with the Freedom Drinking Gel and I would like to tell you how good it is. With every cold or damp day I used to suffer with pain in all my joints and when I ran low the other day, I was so pleased you were able to supply me with another bottle so promptly.
My pain has now noticeably improved and I feel so much better in myself, with increased energy. To me it’s a ‘magic science’ that makes life so much easier."
JP, Chippenham

Ear Problems and Aloe Vera
"I have found the Ear Candling treatment received from SteptoCalm to be very effective. Gillian's therapy sessions are conducted in a calm, friendly and sensitive atmosphere, focussing on my individual needs. I always leave these sessions with a greater sense of well-being.
Also, the aloe vera products I have used and still use, provide long-lasting beneficial effects."
RS, Chippenham

Feeling Low and Depressed
"I came to the Reiki appointment when I was feeling low and troubled and at short notice you had booked me in for a treatment.
When I arrived I found you exceptionally professional and understanding, you gave me a full consultation and during the treatment I felt incredibly relaxed and very comfortable.
When I got home I felt tired and went to bed very early and slept incredibly deeply. The next morning it was like a great weight had gone from my shoulders and my mood was really lifted – I now feel fantastic!"
PJ, Lyneham

Elderly Eyes
"As I am now in my early eighties, my optician recommended that I take a supplement containing bilberry and zeaxanthin. Luckily I found the Forever Vision tablets have these ingredients in them and more.
Since regularly taking these tablets for the last few months, my optician now tells me that not only has the degeneration in my eyes stabilised, but my short-sight has greatly improved too - I’m amazed!"
SG, Corsham

"The last six months of my life have been a stressful time due to the death of my partner.
Whilst talking to a friend, it was suggested that complementary therapy might benefit me. I decided to have a combined treatment of Reiki and Holistic Facial Massage. As my head and face were being massaged, I felt a calming of the touching warm hands, tingling around my ankles and a great sense of relaxation and finally a calming of the mind.
In conclusion, it was an amazing experience from which I felt re-energised and now I have a clear focus for the future."
AK, Bath

Forever Living Products
"Being a bloke with few "bathroom" products, I am happy to announce that "Forever" provides the basics; not only do they work, they are also inconspicuous!"
SG, Calne


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