Holistic therapies are recognised and respected as being effective for maintaining good health and can work well alongside traditional medicine. In addition, many people enjoy therapy as a means of relaxation to unwind following the busy times of their lives.

These steps to a calmer state of mind provide benefits to the whole body in many ways - physically, emotionally and psychologically:

• Encouraging relaxation, and releasing tension and calming the mind;
• normalising bodily functions, especially when feeling a 'bit run-down’;
• improving the immune system, by boosting the body into good health;
• improving nerve and blood supplies, by increasing circulation;
• easing pain;
• revitalising the whole person.

Regular treatments are powerful antidotes to stress, as a relaxed body can heal itself. Therapies are a positive method of relaxing and balancing the biological systems of the body.

In order for the body to maintain its stability of wellbeing, it is an excellent idea to have an initial boost of a few treatment sessions, followed by ‘maintenance’ treatments every few weeks, to prolong the benefits of the course of therapy. However, one treatment will be beneficial although the effects will last a shorter time - the momentum of holistic therapy needs a little time to build full benefits.


The techniques and rhythms of facial massage are smooth and applied with the pressure most suited to client needs, as sensory nerves can be soothed or stimulated as appropriate.

There are numerous beneficial effects such as improved skintone, relaxation of tense muscles, top loose layers of skin are desquamated (shed) exposing fresh skin cells, and the stimulation balances the natural oils and improves the appearance. The increased temperature of the skin, dilates the blood capillaries improving the skin colour and relaxing the pores - this aids the absorption of massage products, softening the skin.

Ideally facial massage should be preceeded by a Skincare cleanse, tone, exfoliate and mask application routine to obtain the best possible results.


skincareThe underlying skin type is genetically determined, but you can assist the physiological characteristics by using the correct products and caring for your skin in the best possible way.

Holistic beneficial results are obtained by using quality Aloe Vera based products (which are adaptagenic and have an ingredient known as lignin to penetrate deep into layers of skin). Cleanser, toner, exfoliator, day and night moisturising creams, serums, make-up remover, face masks and eye creams are all available for Holistic Skincare facial treatments and to purchase for use at home. This excellent skincare range intensely nourishes the skin, providing a superb smooth base on which to apply your make-up.



Ear Candling, also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, is pleasant and non-invasive. The recognised BIOSUN™ Hopi Ear Candles are safely used. The warmth and slight vibration, induced by the burning of the natural ingredients in the candle, eases pain and discomfort in the head and ears by drawing away toxins and earwax residue – leaving the ears and head feeling stimulated, refreshed and clearer and your taste buds enhanced!


Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique, which originated and has been practised in India for centuries. The treatment has evolved through the generations, both with women and men, and has been westernised, starting to appear in Britain in the 1970’s and greatly growing in popularity into the 21st Century.

It involves the application of massage techniques to the upper back and shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Ideally wearing a lightweight top is recommended, as the treatment is applied through the clothes whilst remaining seated in a low backed chair.

This is a very powerful therapy which has a positive effect on physical, mental and subtle health, at all levels.

makeup brushes

Make-up and brushes - how to use them!

Have you ever wondered how best to apply your makeup and not quite sure how, or has your result not been quite as you had hoped? Looking for make-up tips and/or new image ideas...

This is a fun and informative opportunity to experiment with application, new colours and to learn how to apply your make-up skilfully and subtly (or boldly if you prefer). You will also learn about skincare and experience the joy of knowing exactly what to do with your make-up selection.



The art of reflexology dates back to early Egypt, where foot and hand massages were depicted in an Egyptian tomb. This art was later developed, in the USA, into ‘zone’ therapy and in the 1930’s Eunice Ingham who was known as the ‘Mother of Reflexology’ researched further into what is now known as ‘reflexology’, she evolved a map of the entire body on the feet. Reflexology was introduced into Great Britain in 1960.

Reflexology works to help free congestion and imbalances within the body, easing pain and discomfort, relaxing the body and improving energy flow.


Gentle and yet powerful, Reiki is a ‘Universal Life Energy’ creating a calming, balancing and refreshing effect on the whole body. It can dispel negative energies and soothe discomfort – naturally flowing to the areas of most need.

Each treatment is individual - often giving feelings of warmth, cool or tingling. Although benefits are also experienced without the recipient necessarily noticing sensation!


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