Benefits of Therapy

Holistic therapies are recognised and respected as being effective for maintaining good health and can work well alongside traditional medicine. In addition, many people enjoy therapy as a means of relaxation to unwind following the busy times of their lives.

These steps to a calmer state of mind provide benefits to the whole body in many ways - physically, emotionally and psychologically:

• Encouraging relaxation, and releasing tension and calming the mind;
• normalising bodily functions, especially when feeling a 'bit run-down’;
• improving the immune system, by boosting the body into good health;
• improving nerve and blood supplies, by increasing circulation;
• easing pain;
• revitalising the whole person.

Regular treatments are powerful antidotes to stress, as a relaxed body can heal itself. Therapies are a positive method of relaxing and balancing the biological systems of the body.

In order for the body to maintain its stability of wellbeing, it is an excellent idea to have an initial boost of a few treatment sessions, followed by ‘maintenance’ treatments every few weeks, to prolong the benefits of the course of therapy. However, one treatment will be beneficial although the effects will last a shorter time - the momentum of holistic therapy needs a little time to build full benefits.


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