The art of reflexology dates back to early Egypt, where foot and hand massages were depicted in an Egyptian tomb. This art was later developed, in the USA, into ‘zone’ therapy and in the 1930’s Eunice Ingham who was known as the ‘Mother of Reflexology’ researched further into what is now known as ‘reflexology’, she evolved a map of the entire body on the feet. Reflexology was introduced into Great Britain in 1960.

Reflexology works to help free congestion and imbalances within the body, easing pain and discomfort, relaxing the body and improving energy flow.

feetdaisiesTreatments incorporate the application of massage and specific pressure techniques to the reflexes in the feet, ankles and lower legs. These reflexes are relative to all the organs, functions and parts of the human body.

Whilst relaxing, the client benefits from the application of pressure to these reflex areas. By the use of thumb and finger techniques, imbalances can be worked upon to help the body to support and maintain its functions. This can be seen as complementary to traditional medicines, although often it is used as a therapy for general good health, relaxation and stress relief.





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